Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four Health Signs that could Change Your Life

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Many of us are concerned about our health. Whether or not our heart beat maintains a proper rhythm, if our airflow is normal or are we short of breath, is my cough really something more than just the common cold? We have these few signs or symptoms that encourage us to call the doctor in order to have them checked out, maybe get a diagnosis.

Now, according to The Toronto Star, there are four new signs that can help aging adults determine whether or not they are at risk for contracting heart disease or even having a heart attack. These four symptoms include: Earlobe creases, hairline receding at the temples, baldness at the crown of the head and yellow fat deposits around the eyelids.

These findings, presented at the American Heart Association meeting, showed "that patches of fatty bumps around the eyes were the strongest single predictor of cardiovascular illness among the four traits."

At the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, researchers discovered that "people with at least three of these characteristics had a 57 per cent greater risk for a heart attack and a 39 per cent higher chance of heart disease," said The Star.

These recent discoveries are not only stipulated as signs of aging, but that it is aging in an unhealthy manner. Although there are more studies that are expected to delve into the matter, one of the more commonly known risk factors that could cause a heart disease or attack is high cholesterol.

Regardless of our health symptoms, what's important is taking care of them. If you are feeling weary or concerned about something, there is no harm in asking to have it looked at. It's important to ensure that your body is "fully tuned" and in working order.

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